Nico Malan Supporters Trust

The Nico Malan Supporters Trust endeavors to ensure sustainable quality education at Nico Malan High School.

The purpose of the TRUST is to create funds for the maintenance, support, help, improvement and development of activities and facilities of Nico Malan in order to give every Nico Malan learner the opportunity to develop his/her talent optimally in order to advantage himself/ herself, Nico Malan and the general public.

The TRUST also want to help identify talented local children and place them in an environment where they will be exposed to quality teaching and coaching in order to perform optimally.

Nico Malan High School

-adheres to Christian values

Nico Malan follows values based on Biblical principals. We respect God and each other. We live out respect, honesty, fairness and friendliness.

– strives towards disciplinary excellence

Our striving towards excellence establishes discipline, thus our learners are successful.

– offers holistic teaching

Nico Malan maintains a holistic approach towards learners. We offer a balanced programme that caters for mind, body and spirit.

– is a rural family

Nico Malan is a family who cares. This can be seen in the sense of community at the school, the welcoming of learners from all backgrounds of society, the incredible team spirit as well as the respect learners have for the teachers and vice versa.

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