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Vision and Mission


Nico Malan High School strives for excellence by developing proud and well-balanced children through the application of basic Christian values.


Nico Malan High School strives to implement this vision with the help of its Governing Body, staff and parents in the following ways:

  • Learners must be equipped within a safe environment to be loyal and worthy citizens with Christian values who will benefit the community.
  • By developing a work ethic that will enable each learner to reach his potential through receiving education in his mother tongue.
  • By encouraging the child to attain his full potential in his physical development through participation in school sport.
  • In a multi-cultural community, the love and pride of each child for his own culture must be respected always with the necessary regard for school rules.
  • The school, as educational institution, should play an important role in the community by giving guidance and assistance.
  • The optimal use and management of its resources (facilities and skills).