Nico Malan has an active and healthy cultural diversity.  There are many opportunities for learners to showcase their talent and achievements.  We are proud of our learners’ creativity.

General Knowledge

We feel strongly that learners should be encouraged to enrich their general knowledge. 

The following competitions were set up with this in mind:


A competition is held on alternate Wednesdays in the hall where general knowledge is tested.  Learners enrol in teams of 2 where they have to answer questions in 3 categories.  There is also a big audience supporting the contestants.

World Knowledge Olympiad:

We take part annually in this competition with more than 50 participants.

Die Burger’s “Vlymskerp” competition:

Learners of all the top schools in the Eastern Cape compete.  Teams consist of 4 members and there are lots of cash prizes to be won.

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Photography Club

Learners interested can join here.  They are taught to take better photos by looking at different techniques and compositions.

Monday afternoons are set aside for beginners’ classes and Wednesday afternoons for more advanced photographers.  They are also taught how to edit photographs.
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Our dance group is a highlight at the annual interschool’s competition.

Girls from grade 9 – 12 can audition at the beginning of each year.  We strive to bring across the message that each girl is beautiful and unique.  Practices start in January and continue through to August to ensure a professional act.
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Acting skills are annually promoted through performances, revues or musicals.

We also take part in the ATKV-drama competition.  Learners are also exposed to festivals like the Logan festival in Fraserburgh and the drama festival in Durbanville.  During the third term, a culture evening is held where the chosen play is performed.
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Through the masterful leadership of a conductor and accompanist, our learners are introduced to beautiful and inspiring choir music.

The choir members become a closely-knit unit, and a deep sense of pride is instilled as the choir receives wonderful compliments after performances.
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A point of view is stated and arguments are given to substantiate this point of view.

  The debating teams compete against various schools from the Eastern Cape and ultimately in the final which is a National Competition.
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Video Club

Learners who are interested in photography and creating their own videos are given the opportunity to express their creativity.

There is a weekly meeting where techniques and editing programmes are discussed and taught.  Themes relating to school activities are explored and some of these productions form part of the Inikollig Arts Festival.
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Public Speaking

Leaders should be able to speak, motivate their point of view and convince their audience.

This is something that we know at Nico Malan.  Our aim is to coach learners to become better (public) speakers.  At the annual ATKV competition, the adjudicators are always impressed by our learners’ eloquence.  Many speakers go through to the quarter-finals and even final competition. Speak, reason with confidence and be enlightened…  that is Nico Malan!
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Our own miniature arts festival is an opportunity for learners to showcase their talents in the creative arts.

Acting, singing, dancing and showing of locally produced films are all part and parcel of the arts festival.  Learners write, edit and direct their own plays.  Even food stalls are run by the learners.  The festival is the highlight of the first term.
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  • Member of ATKV drama group for 3 years.
  • Member of group finishing in the top 5 positions of ATKV regionals.
  • A golden certificate for individual performance at ATKV regional competitions.


  • Three scrolls achieved in drama.
  • Member of the group taking part in ATKV national finals.
  • Golden certificate obtained at ATKV national finals.


  • Member of choir 3 years consecutively.
  • Member of EP Youth Choir for 1 year while also a member of the school choir.
  • Member of the choir that wins ATKV regional choir competition.


  • Three scrolls achieved in the choir.
  • Member of EP Youth Choir for 3 years while also a member of the school choir.
  • Member of the choir that wins ATKV national choir competition.


  • Participation in the semi-final of the ATKV public speaking competition.
  • Participation in “Radikale redenaars” final – national.


  • Three scrolls achieved in public speaking.
  • Participate in final at ATKV public speaking competition – nationally.
  • Winner of a category in “Radikale redenaars” final.


  • Participation in the semi-final of the ATKV debating competition.


  • Three scrolls achieved in debating.
  • Participation in the final of the ATKV debating competition nationally.


  • Three Years playing a leading role in Revue and / or being a director in IniKollig.