Code of Conduct

Code of conduct

Ethical code

I hereby solemnly commit myself to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and undertake to respect, comply with and promote the law and the legal system.

I commit myself to:

  • adhere faithfully to this code of conduct and all the rules and regulations of Nico Malan High School;
  • maintain high moral and ethical standards;
  • strive for conduct that is responsible at all times and that does the school credit;
  • do my school work diligently, conscientiously and with dedication; and
  • display the necessary courtesy and respect towards all staff, fellow learners and visitors.

We strive to live out the following:


God is first in our lives and we live according to His values as described in The Bible and we acknowledge our dependence on Him in prayer.


Honesty means that I will do the right thing no matter who is around me, to be so reliable that even if I do make a mistake people will still believe I had good intentions.

Honesty requires me to:

  • speak the truth;
  • be honest in my words and actions so that I am trustworthy without ulterior purposes;
  • acknowledge and correct my mistakes.

Friendliness means to enrich other peoples life’s with my warmth, care and a smile.

Kindness requires me to:      

  • always greet everyone on the school grounds with a smile:
  • act friendly in the classroom by standing up and greeting an adult when they enter;
  • always allow girls and ladies to leave or enter the classroom first, right of way in the hallways and be courteous them;
  • thank boys for acting courteously towards me;
  • be helpful and friendly to fellow students, teachers and visitors. 

Respect is a form of appreciating and acknowledging something or somebody special – it is obtained through achievement, seniority or basic civility. 

Self-respect requires me to: 

  • look and dress in such a way that I am proud of my appearance;         
  • act in such a way that I will not be ashamed of my behavior at a later stage;        
  • take part in activities presented to me in such a way, that I can one day look back and be proud of my maturing into adulthood at Nico Malan High School.  

Respect for each other requires me to:       

  • appear and act in such a way that others wearing the same school clothes are not ashamed of me;    
  • have my say without using bad language and breaking down or belittling others;
  • use the buildings, corridors and terrain in an orderly way and not disrupt or endanger others;
  • leave desks, classes and changing rooms in a manner I would like to receive it in;
  • refrain from illegalities such as weapons, pornography, drugs and addictive drugs in a public place like our school grounds;
  • recognize the dignity and authority of older persons, but also display the same dignity towards your minors which you would expect for yourself. Respect for authority requires me to;
  • keep to the school’s value system, because I understand that rules and prescriptions are there to protect me, to create order and to promote education;
  • acknowledge and obey the principal, staff and executive committee because they act in the service of the school’s learners;
  • to acknowledge the principal as the highest authority, as well as his judgment on what is appropriate for a learner of Nico Malan High School. 

Respect for property requires me to:

  • keep my school uniform clean and tidy, wear it without additions like jewelry and make-up, which do not suit a uniform;
  • respect the property and assets of the school as if it were my own, keep it clean and tidy and put away items after use, keep classes and bathrooms clean and left as they would like to be received, protect it from vandalism, theft and misuse and to keep it graffiti-free;
  • use or borrow others’ property only with their permission and protect others property like my own.

Fairness requires from me to always act according to what is right and that I will do nothing to put other people or the school in a bad light. I will promote the school’s image and maintain its good reputation.

Fairness requires me to:

  •  put the schools interest first: – ​​ not run other organizations (whose interests conflict with the school’s) within the school. This includes academic or religious organizations, money-laundering schemes, gangs and other conflicting groups;
  • try  solve school problems with the help of the EC, grade guardian or principal;promote the school spirit by being positive and complaining as little as possible;address violators who violate our name, property or school spirit;sign and respect the school’s code of conduct;
  • be positive about school, staff and learners in conversations with outsiders;
  • look good and act correctly outside the school grounds, even without wearing the school uniform;
  • resist falsehoods about our school;
  • protect my own name, my family’s name and my schools’ name;
  • always base my choices on what is right.

We Strive Towards:


Excellence is an attitude, satisfied by nothing but the best.

Excellence requires me to:

  • do what I do, well. – prioritize my academics; obtain my textbooks in time and keep them neat.; bring needed textbooks every day;  to take responsibility for my work and homework, especially when I was absent;  realize that attending every school day and every class is very important; avoid dishonesty with homework, tasks, tests and examinations at all costs;
  • be prepared for all activities (academy, sport, culture) and to participate fully in any preparation;
  • set and strive towards high standards as far as my behavior is concerned. 

Total development means that I will know who I am, what is important to me, what I strive towards and that I will be happy with who and what I am. 

Total development requires me to:

  • make a contribution when we decide what is important to us;
  • continue dreaming and be motivated to set and achieve goals and be the best version of me;
  • including others who disagree with me and not suppress healthy individuality;
  • be happy, make others around me happy and not begrudge anyone happiness.

Balance means that I will use my talents in different activities/fields so that I can acquire more skills which will enable me to become a well-equipped adult.

Balance requires me to:·

  • participate in or support more than one field/aspect of school life;
  • make it possible for others to live fully as balanced young people;
  • realize that I attend school for education. 

Our vision (dream for ourselves) is that each one of us will become a member of the community and fit in with other people and bring about positive changes in the lives of others.

To become a member of society in such a way, requires me to:

  • fit in by respecting and obeying the rules of society and the country; act suitably as a school learner should act in public;
  • provide a service through identifying any needs and other chances to provide help; get involved with other people and their needs.
  • ask what I can do for the school without always expecting compensation. 

I submit myself to any disciplinary measure should I fail to comply with any provision or measure in the school’s code of conduct.