Aflaaibare dokumentasie

Backabuddy campaign

Four 1st team cricket players from Nico Malan high school are invited to attend a cricket tour in Sri Lanka next year and have started a fundraising campaign to make this dream possible.

Our monthly installments are R6000 per player (R24 000 per month)

  1. Crowdfunding campaign at anyone in the world can donate from as little as R50. Backabuddy then pays out monthly funds raised.
  2. Kookaburra sponsored us 4 cricket bags to sell 
  3. B&S sponsored us a cricket bat to sell or raffle
  4. We have a stand at the Milkwood Market every Saturday where we sell delicious Vetkoeke. 
  5.  Raffles @ R50 from Travel & Sport-  A luxurious weekend getaway valued @ R10 000 
  6.  Like our Facebook page – Cricketers tour Sri Lanka: and instagram account @srilankacricketboys  to promote our fundraising 
  7. A short Youtube video is being made to promote and use for our backabuddy campaign. 
  8. Tampa Bay Spur has offered for the boys to shadow waiter Wednesday evenings as a fundraiser.

Thanks to a great community supporting us! Giving up is not an option.