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Our Vision & Mission

Nico Malan High School

It’s not where you’re from or what you have that is important, what matters most is what is within.

Carried inside is a capacity for friendship among diverse people, and relationships based on mutual respect.

At Nico Malan we have a spirit of camaraderie, of supporting each other, walking together and overcoming obstacles and valuing each other.

It is an uncertain and changing world. Only those with maturity, tenacity and optimism will rise to the challenges before them. In preparation for the decision-making that will shape the lives of many, Nico Malan provides an opportunity to live up to its values, rather than place rules to be abided by.

When the proverbial storm rages, when the crossroads lie before you in your journey, it’s your foundation, the deep-rooted values and fortitude of character that will guide you and see you through.


Over the years Nico Malan High School proved itself as a school caring for its learners, parents and the community. Being situated in the countryside and with the support of people who are seen as the salt of the earth, the school strives to produce balanced pupils who can be “shining lights” for others in the community.

The proud family of teachers, learners, parents and supporters believe that the values of respect, honesty, fairness and friendliness are the cornerstones for success. A wide variety of activities and excellent facilities are offered and in everything we do, we strive for excellence.

The school’s motto “Knowledge enlightens” becomes a reality with the well qualified and enthusiastic staff and excellent academic results produced by its learners year after year.

I am proud to be part of the work that is done at the school to ensure sustainable success for our youth.

Listen to our song - BLOU TRUI

by Koekoes Bezuidenhout

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Nico Malan is the foundation for your life’s journey.

Grounding in values

Nico Malan draws it’s values from Biblical principles honouring God and each other.

Disciplined Excellence

Constantly striving for excellence, Nico Malan instils discipline in the pupils through the staff to achieve their greatest success.

Holistic education

An understanding of the pupil’s as whole people, with a balanced offering that caters to body, mind and spirit. (academics, sport and cultural activities & societies)

"Platteland" family

Nico Malan is a caring family, expressed in the sense of belonging, welcoming across the diversity of the pupil’s and “gees”, as well as the relationship of respect between the pupils & staff.